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What We Provide ?

About Us

(Alrawdah Trading Company for Trading had been established in 1974 by its founder and owner Mr. Mohammed Mohammed Salah, Sana’a, Yemen).It is established with a vision of offering the highest quality of food, biscuits, and chocolate products that have a real value and high quality. Al-Rawdah Trading Company always strives to provide best and latest products to its customers, keeping in mind needs and requirements of market. In that respect, the company exerted tremendous efforts and employed efficient and qualified team in order to make available excellent and variable products from all over the world in order to satisfy the Yemeni consumer demands. Adhering to International and local standards in terms of quality and huge varieties in products make us one of the biggest and recognition company in our market. We proudly boast that our products are consumed in local markets.

Chairman of the Board

الأستاذ محمد محمد صلاح

نفخر دائماً بأن تكونوا جزء من إنجازاتنا ، ونسعى جاهدين دوماً على التميز والازدهار

Our vision

Real Value of product’s quality

Our mission

Providing products and services in high quality at affordable price to all segments of the community through reliable dealing, products varieties and making the products very close to consumers.

Our Goals

  • - Meeting the needs of all members of society.
  • - Providing food products with international standards.
  • - Suitable prices for all segments of society.
  • - Easy access to our products.
  • - Respect customers’ taste.
  • - Commitment and Reliability.
  • - Recruiting, developing, and maintaining the staff.
  • - Working as a one team.

Al-Rawdah Between the Past & the Present

Our History

Year 1974


Al-Rawdah General Trading & Agencies Co. is a company with 100% Yemeni capital, having its headquarter in Sana'a). It was founded in 1974, and it is considered one of pioneer companies in the importing products, in Yemen. Since its establishment, Al-Rawdah was committed to apply concept of comprehensive quality to its customers and consumers in all governorates. Al-Rawdah inaugurated it is first launch in Sana'a, then it started promoting that through a distributing network in main cities of Yemen.
Year 2019

Al-Rawdah Growth

Afterwards, during past few years, Al-Rawdah has achieved an outstanding development and has succeeded to increase its shares in market and obtained a wide recognition to its products. In this situation, there should be words of gratitude and thanks our Purchasing and Marketing Dept. who work in a definite synergy in order to guarantee high quality products. Yet, we should not forget the fleet which allows an ideal and quick distribution to all outlets.